How can you benefit from Trading recommendations?

The Captial Gainer Investment Advisor is a pure financial market research company and we focus on fundamental and technical analysis of financial market instruments to get best out of them.

From Equity to Commodity segment our analysts at The CaptialGainer Investment Advisor use their knowledge and expertise with the latest technical software for predicting the movement in financial market on a timely basis with remarkable accuracy.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred choice of the Customers, Professionals Business Partners and Investors.

Our Mission

uccessful implementation of our strategy to gain high returns with less risk persistently.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer you more and more opportunities to earn your best possible through our tips.

Sharp Your Trading Knife. Get New HIGH!

You know we are passionate about what we do and believe in delivering the best and our clients says that they enjoy working with us and love the personal attention. That's why we have earned a reputation more than anything else.

Equity Services

The Captial Gainer will hand-hold you in equity trading and lend invaluable guidance to manage risks involved in equity trading. Our in-house research team creates insightful research reports to keep you up-to-date.

Commodity Services

Commodities are a distinct asset class whose returns that is largely independent of stock and fixed income markets. Therefore, adding broad commodity exposure helps diversify a portfolio, lowering risk and potentially boosting return.

Our Success Tranformation Story

Experience the productivity here..

The best starting point is to find out who is the genuine adviser to help you out. As the Financial Consultant, we've worked with many people for so many years and we have seen so many people are earning more than before and the only difference was that at first they worked alone and later they took the help of the NiveshIcon Investment Advisor.

You can find some thoughts on success from our students and alumni here – every story is unique, but this is what success is. Everybody sees it differently.